IBPhoenix Deployment CD

What is it?

The IBPhoenix Deployment CD differs from the Development CD in that, whilst the Development CD is used by developers of software applications, the deployment CD is meant to be deployed with a finished application that is either being sold to end-users or deployed to end-users. The IBPhoenix Deployment CD contains:

  • Latest Firebird Binaries and their associated installation routines.
  • All relevant Firebird drivers (ODBC, .NET, JDBC etc).
  • The Firebird Quick Start Guide.
  • Firebird User Guide.

Price: $40.00

You can purchase a “right to copy” the CD so it can be deployed to multiple sites or customers as and when needed. As such there are discounts on “bulk” orders.

Right to copy 10-25 Deployment CD’s $360.00
Right to copy 25-50 Deployment CD’s $800.00
Right to copy 50-100 Deployment CD’s $1400.00
Right to copy 100-250 Deployment CD’s $2400.00
Right to copy 250-500 Deployment CD’s $4000.00
Right to copy 500-1000 Deployment CD’s $6000.00
Right to copy 1000+ Deployment CD’s $8000.00

How to order

You can order on-line via the IBPhoenix Shop or you can send a mail to Paul Beach, or give him a call on +33 (0) 247 5830 43 with the following details:

  • Name
  • Telephone number
  • Shipping address
  • Right to copy amount
  • Payment method

Supporting IBPhoenix and Firebird

IBPhoenix exists to further the viability of Firebird, and to encourage the use of Firebird and InterBase by developers throughout the world.

The FireBird version of InterBase reflects the true open source ethos, where the development community have full access to the source code, can direct its future and can freely deploy the binary versions.

Like most open source companies we charge for our support services, but we also contribute to various lists and newsgroups, answering questions and mentoring developers who want to develop, use and implement Firebird and InterBase solutions.

Philanthropy comes after making money, not before it. Choosing a database as part of your development platform is a long term decision, as such we believe that many companies will rely on us to be around not just for the now, but also for the foreseeable future. Even if you are not directly paying us for support, the purchase of this CD will contribute to both IBPhoenix and also aid IBPhoenix in assisting the Firebird open source development efforts.

As we build confidence in the continued use of Firebird we are also widening the work opportunities of the many developers that are involved either in Firebird development itself, or aspects of the wider community. By continuing to purchase future releases of this CD you will help us in achieving these and other goals.

Thank you very much for your support.